("Si-fu") Li Ma-Keh,(Mark's Chinese name) has been training in Chinese martial arts for 41 years. His school is very involved with the local Chinese communities, performing Lion-Dance , Dragon-Dance and Kung-Fu demonstrations for Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival.

Si-Fu Mark teaches a wide variety of Southern ,Northern, Internal & External styles of Kung-fu, including; Yang,Sun,Chen styles Tai-Chi Chwen, 5-Animals strength training, 20 different Chinese weapons, Wing-Chun Sil Lum Do form, Praying Mantis form, Drunken form, Monkey boxing, Ba-Gua Zhang, Hsing-Yi Chwen, Plum-Flower Poles training, & various forms of Chi-Gung as a small example of his, over 275 form training experience.

Si-Fu Mark has a very important linage through Master Gracenin and Si-Gung Bow-Sim Mark. The Fu family style Internal arts have been passed down from GrandMaster Fu Zhen-Song to his son Fu Wing-Fai , then to Si-Gung Mark then Master Gracenin.

"I am very privileged to be able to pass this family style on to my students!" Si-Fu Mark...

Si-Fu Mark's Kung-Fu/Wu-Shu linage is; 1972 to 1979 Si-Fu John R. Allen/Master Feeman Ong in Tallmadge,OH., 1980 to 1981 Coach Jimmy Yee Wing-Chun in Chicago's Chinatown Athletic Assct., 1992,(year of the Monkey) to present Master Nick Gracenin Sharon,PA.(indoor student) Si-Fu Mark has also been on many training seminars with various Masters including; Si-Gung Bow Sim Mark, Master He Wei Chi, Master Tsai, Master Victor Fu, Master Daniel Weng, and the late' Madame Wang Ju-Rong, Master Brendan Lai, & GrandMaster Chang Dong-Sheng. Plus, Si-Fu Mark has studied with Prof. Peter Wang and his wife Dr. Rose Wang at the Chinese-American Culture Institute in Mayfield Hgts.' from 1974 to 1978 for Chinese Language, Wu-style Tai-Chi and Acupuncture, as well as seminars with Dr. Susan Deng at the Asia Plaza and Dr. Fung in Baltimore for Acupuncture. Si-Fu Mark continued his Chinese language studies with Chi Xiu-Hwai in PA., and now with teacher Xiao-Bo in Boardman,OH.

Si-Fu Mark's Kung-Fu school is available for demonstrations and seminars in Lion-Dance, Dragon-Dance, Kung-Fu/Tai-Chi and Chinese language. Please contact him at; ph.# 330-545-2720 or e-mail him at: Limakeh@aol.com    'duo syeh Ni', (Thank You)

Si-Fu Mark also teaches Tai-Chi classes at Youngstown State University! He has been the Tai-Chi Coach there for the last 12 years. Coach Mark began teaching classes at Beeghly,...he now teaches in the new Andrews' Wellness Center on Campus! FREE for Y.S.U. students!